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Analyzing Style, Image, and Music Videos – Ellie Goulding

The main style of Ellie Goulding’s indie-pop music videos consist of using narrative styles plus has also used synergy for promotional purposes, such as her song “Love Me Like You Do” for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. This is as Goulding’s narrative style for her music videos is when the video had its own storyline. For example, the style of the artist’s music video expresses elements of interpretive imagery, which link and connect with the unique lyrics. This is shown in most of her videos, such as her song “Starry Eyes”, which feature stars in her ad her love interest’s eyes. Ellie Goulding’s style is really unique and casual, which really stands out within today's modern music charts. Her first album “Lights” included particular tracts that experimented with folktronica, indietroica, indiepop, and synthpop.

The image that the performer possesses is an individual who is really down to earth who doesn’t try to convert her self into a generic pop artist. She also gives off a sense to not take her too seriously, and is not afraid to be her true self as an artist. An example of this ca be with her music video for “How long will I love you”, where you see Ellie Goulding and her love interest driving around and being silly with each other, such as stealing someones underwear from a washing line. She clearly displays that she does not follow the typical conventions for an American mainstream style, but infuses her own individual indie style for her her British audience.

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